scavenger hunt


what am i looking for?

You will be looking for this     emoji. There can be multiple hearts on a page or no hearts at all, and the hearts can be on ANY page of the site. Once you find one, CLICK IT! You will see a pop up saying what you have won. 

If I win a gift card, when will I get it?

Please remember we are both moms of FOUR! We have no idea how the next 5 minutes will pan out, much less 24 hours from now.  While we will do our very best to update you all in real time, Please give us 48 hours to confirm winners and send your gift card details to you. Please know that we do all of this for YOU and we hope you enjoy it! This is our first SLB Scavenger Hunt, so please show grace and HAVE FUN! 

how can i win presets for life?

There will be ONE winner of presets for life. Just like the gift card hearts, this heart will give you a code, and you MUST MESSAGE US ON INSTAGRAM with the code to claim. The first code we receive will be the winner. We will do our very best to update you on Instagram stories as prizes are claimed. 

What Can I win?

There will be discount codes for $ OFF or % OFF. If you win $ OFF, this MUST be used in a single transaction and you will not be compensated for any amount not used. 

You also have the chance to win gift cards to Amazon, Target, or Starbucks. If you find a heart for a gift card, you will be shown a code. You must then message us with the code on our INSTAGRAM to claim. There are a limited number of gift card codes, so they will be awarded on a first come first served basis until the set number of winners have messaged us to claim. 

Do you have any tips to make sure I can snag a code?

We highly suggest building your cart BEFORE 9PM EST. This will enable you to check out as soon as you find a code. If you shop after you find a code, it may be used by the time you are ready to check out. 

REFRESH YOUR BROWSER AT 9PM EST. If you are on our website before the hunt goes live and do not refresh, you may not see the hearts. 

We also suggest having the Six Little Babes Presets Instagram page open on your phone so that you can quickly message us with gift card or presets for life codes. REMEMBER THERE ARE A LIMITED AMOUNT OF WINNERS AND THE WINNERS ARE BASED ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS. YOU MUST SEND THE CORRECT CODE. 


All discount codes will be limited to a certain number of uses. You will still be able to find the codes after they have been used, but they will not work once you add them during check out. If you receive a discount code error during check out, go back and look for different hearts. 



HURRY! There are ONLY 20 of THESE CODES! if you receive an error during checkout it is no longer available.



HURRY! There are 10 OF THESE codeS!. if you receive an error during checkout it is no longer available.